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Name:RP With Me - A PSL Directory
Posting Access:All Members

This community is for people to find RP partners for PSLs/Memes/Musebox threads and a directory to easily find what interests them.


1. Create only one top level comment for yourself. Do not create multiple offers, even across different posts. Just edit your original offer or reply to it with changes.

2. Anon is disabled so people can edit their top level comments if possible and have a way of contacting the other person via PMs. Sock accounts are fine.

3. Stormy, Hellion and Ken are preemptively banned from this community to prevent harassment or making the userbase feel uncomfortable.

4. No kinkshaming or harassing people. I cannot control what happens outside the community but if it happens here it will be deleted.

5. Taken from ATP, no obnoxious coding if you want to use custom code for an offer (font size > 4, no banners, no blinking text, no sparklies, no tables, no pictures). use all the colors you like and then some, but please remember 4 "big" tags > font size 4.

6. Don't be a flake! Obviously this is impossible to enforce but if you post here or respond to an offer please try to follow through with it!

7. Try not to reply to two dozen offers at once. Chances are you won't be able to fill them all.

8. This isn't for general rp chatter, go to rpanons or wankgate for that.

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